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Varifocal Lens Specialist

 all other lens types available


My vision is to bring you an environment that provides expert advice with no selling pressure, somewhere you can relax and enjoy buying your glasses. As a family business, marketing glasses for almost twenty years, we have achieved this personal goal.

 We are a lens specialist with particular emphasis on Varifocals. We can provide lenses incorporating all the latest technologies all at a reasonable cost. Quality, Value and Service is our goal which ensures our customers come back time again.

 Feel free to come and browse our frame collections and discuss your lens options. Alternatively you may choose to use your own frame if suitable. You won't have to leave your frame with us and be without your glasses.


 I look forward to meeting you soon.



Fakenham Eyewear

"The Eye Man"


15 Norwich Street



NR21 9AF

01328 85 50 51

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